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labor was valued at $15.05 per hour for woven wire and $16.25 per hour for barbed wire, the average fence building custom charges reported in agdm file a3-10, 2011 iowa farm custom rate survey. these charges include the cost of equipment and tools for building fence, as well as labor. gates are not included in the 【Get Price】

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jan 18, 2018 most homeowners do not need three acres of barbed wire fencing. when you purchase smaller quantities, barb wire fence costs are priced by foot. with professional labor included, bared wire fences cost between $0.50 and $2.00 per linear foot. as you can see from our fencing cost comparison below, the 【Get Price】

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labor needed to construct three- and four-strand barbed wire fences and two- and four-strand high- tensile electric (hte) fences. both of the four-strand fences are considered exterior fencing while the three- strand barbed wire and two-strand hte fences are internal or cross-fencing alternatives. costs for the same type of 【Get Price】

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for small repairs, such as a single fence section or just a few strands, wire can be purchased by the linear foot. it is important to remember that extra wire will be needed to wrap around the posts to secure the wire. other costs include use of the fence stretcher, any hardware and labor. to slice a new piece of barbed wire into 【Get Price】

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for example, the university of minnesota extension service estimates do-it-yourself installation of a five-strand barbed wire fence with metal t-posts every 16.5' costs $1,300 per mile (about $0.25 a foot), not including corner posts or braces. estimates that custom installation of five-strand barbed 【Get Price】

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additional material costs include posts (roughly $5 to $25 apiece depending on the size) and staples and clips (around $.20 per pound). the average barbed wire fence installation cost for a five-strand fence measuring between 1,000 and 1,500 feet is approximately $1 to $3 per foot. depending on local material and labor 【Get Price】

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25, post driving (mach & labor), hours, $55.83, 11.67, $651.35, 9.33, $521.08, 9.33, $521.08. 26, labor 43, 12 ft between line posts, stapling fence and barbed wire = 7 (6+1) minutes per post. 44, all brace posts driven 48" in ground, unroll and stretch fence and barbed wire = 0.7 minutes per foot. 45 【Get Price】

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aug 31, 2017 average cost to install a wire fence is about $860 - $1100 (200 feet of barbed or coated wire and a gate professionally installed). find here detailed information about wire fence in this guide. other materials needed. barbed wire or razor wire. labor enhancements additional considerations faq 【Get Price】

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homeadvisor's barbed wire fence cost guide lists prices associated with building a barb wire fence including labor and materials, as reported by homeadvisor customers.【Get Price】